2012 Topps Short Print Checklist

Topps has announced a few SP (short print) cards for the 2012 Topps set and a few more have been found by collectors. Looks like the final tally is 22 including the Pujols and Reyes card which are considered SSP's (super short prints).

Want to know what the top selling SP auction on eBay has gone for so far? It's truly amazing! Click the card to find out:

Top 2012 Topps SP Auction

Top 2012 Topps SP Auction

2012 Topps Short Print Checklist (Click on the card for more details and pics of that card)

1 Ryan Braun (Celebrating with Teammates)
35 Eric Hosmer (multi-player pic from dugout)
35 Eric Hosmer (Gatorate Bath)
76 Ian Kennedy (Pie in Face)
93 Rally Squirrel
145 Billy Butler (Gatorade Bath)
165 Michael Morse (Gatorade Bath)
173 Ryan Roberts (Pie in face)
185 Pablo Sandoval (Pablo "fighting" Pirates Mascot)
185 Pablo Sandoval (Fighting Padres Mascot)
188 Bobby Abreu (multi-player pic from dugout)
215 Freddie Freeman (High five in dugout)
256 Mat Latos (Dugout Celebration in Camo Uniform)
270 Starlin Castro (Thumbs Up in the Dugout)
308 Mike Leake (Fighting Mascot)
331 Albert Pujols
332 Jose Reyes
400 Robinson Cano
411 Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Bunny Ears Pic in Dugout)
421 Heath Bell (holding jar of gumballs)
450 Justin Upton
470 Howie Kendrick

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